SBCC Nursing Student

Medical Insurance

Each semester you attend SBCC, you will be covered by a school-endorsed medical insurance plan for international students. You will be automatically enrolled for the insurance when you register for classes. The insurance fee will be included on your semester bill. This insurance is required and cannot be waived for any reason.

Coverage Dates and Cost for 2024-2025

Fall Semester: August 11 - December 31  ($882.50)

Spring Semester: January 1 - June 2  ($882.50)

Summer Session 2025: June 3 - August 16 ($353)

There are two ways to enroll in the summer insurance coverage: by registering for a summer class or buying into the insurance coverage if not enrolling in summer classes.

**Dates, fees and coverage are subject to change each year.**

Your insurance covers the majority of costs for most medical treatments.


  • Doctor visits
  • Emergency expenses
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture
  • Prescription medications*
  • Tests, lab services, X-rays, blood draws
  • Treatment for behavioral and mental health
  • Women’s health examinations

*IMPORTANT: If you will need to refill medication in the US, bring translated medical records and schedule an appointment with a physician when you arrive to the US.


  • Dental or vision care; except to repair injury or treat an illness up to $500 (subject to change each year)
    • You may opt to "buy in" to an additional dental & vision plan.
  • STD/STI tests & pregnancy tests - You can get free or low costs tests at Planned Parenthood clinics or check with the campus health & wellness center for additional options.
  • Vaccinations - generally not covered


  • If you violate your F-1 visa and your I-20 is "terminated"
  • If you withdraw or transfer to another school
  • The cost of the insurance plan. 
  • A $20 copay when you go to an "in-network" doctor’s office or urgent care center. 
  • A $50 copay when you visit a hospital.
  • $100 copay if you go to the emergency room (waived if you are admitted to hospital) 
  • 20% of the cost of prescription medication (you must pay in full at the time of pickup and then send a claim for 80% reimbursement) 
  • Out-of-network coinsurance if you don’t use an in-network provider 
  • Full amount for any services not covered by insurance
  • Depending on what happens at the doctor’s office, you may be charged some additional fees. 
    • For example, if you need an x-ray or a lab test, you will have to pay the copay. 

All students pay a $23 "health fee" with their tuition each semester for the campus Health Center where you can see a doctor or nurse, personal counselors, and receive over-the-counter medicines for no additional fee.

For detailed information about the insurance coverage, check out Explore the Plan. Do not "Begin Enrollment". You will be automatically enrolled when you register for your classes.

Dental and vision care is not included (unless you need care for an illness or injury). Dental and Vision coverage available upon request for an additional fee. For most students, it is more cost-effective to receive dental and vision care in their home country.

You will be automatically enrolled in the insurance plan when you register for your classes each semester. GeoBlue Insurance will send an email to your campus account approximately one week before the semester starts. It will contain instructioins to login to your insurance account and download your insurance ID card.

How to Use Your Insurance

If you need help, send an email to from your campus email and include your name and student ID number (starts with "K").