OPT: Find a Job

Resource page for F-1 Visa students on OPT who are looking for a job.

Before Starting Your Job Search

Optional Practical Training is an opportunity for F-1 Visa students to gain practical experience in the program of study listed on your OPT I-20. These resources will help you refine your job search to ensure it meets the OPT requirements.


Defining Employment

Choose the style of employment that is right for you

If you are approved for full-time OPT, you must have 20 hours of work or more each week. Select from a variety of paid or unpaid employment options to meet the OPT requirements.  Click here for a list of approved types of employment.


Match your Major with a Job

Find jobs in your field

OPT regulations specify that OPT employment must be connected to the program of study listed on your I-20.  Use the O*Net Crosswalks resource to identify jobs in your field of study:

  • Find your major and 6-digit CIP code on your OPT I-20 under "Program of Study." Type the 6-digit CIP code into the Education section to find a list of jobs that qualify based on your major.
  • Choose from a list of O*Net Knowledge categories based on the courses you took at SBCC for a list of jobs that qualify based on the requirements for your major.

Questions About Your Search?

Access SBCC resources to help you

If you need help with your job search, visit the Career Center or contact a Career Counselor. If you have OPT- or visa-related questions, contact your International Student Advisor.