Intensive English Program

Do you want to learn English or improve your English skills? This program offers courses for beginning to advanced level English learners. 

  • the intensive English program has 5 levels from beginner to high-advanced
  • no TOEFL or standarized English tests required
  • ESL students will complete a guided self-placement to help choose the appropriate courses and level
  • students in advanced or high-advanced ESL courses may take some regular college level courses at the same time
  • upon completion of high-advanced ESL, students may pursue an associate degree, transfer, or certificate program

Students study grammar, speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary and writing. SBCC ESL teachers, office staff, peer advisors and tutors are all here to help you! Check out ESL course descriptions

Learn about what you can do at SBCC after you complete the Intensive English Program!

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